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Part of my life's passion is a drive to create and share what I have learned with others.
I am most alive when I can discover the truth and then write it down so it is not confined to where I am or when I am. Truth transcends all barriers and is always the final arbitrator of all we are or hope to be. Jesus is clear that he is "the truth. *" It is about this truth I have committed my life and which I write about most often and with deep passion.
Bob Highlands III     *John 14.6     
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The Book of Revelation is not intended to be a mystery but a revealing to Christian believers what they can expect as they live in this world. This commentary on Revelation skips the theological words and puts the book in plain language for everyone to understand.
Available in Paperback and Hardcover
The End Has Come
Understanding the End of Days!
Examining the Scriptures to understand all the signs of the
End of Time
and what we can expect to happen next.

Basics for every believer
There are some things everyone needs to know, no matter what you plan to do with your life. In school, everyone learns their ABCs & 123’s. When it comes to being a believer and following Jesus as your savior, you need to know six simple truths that outline the whole Christian experience. Here these are broken down and explained in the simplest way. All the religious words have been removed, and the basics are laid out to help you prepare for everything else you will learn as a believer. Take the time to discover the Elementary truths of the Christian faith. These six simple teachings are outlined in Hebrews 6.1-2. They are the elementary basics you will need to grow and discover before you can go on to become a mature believer in Christ.
Available in Paperback and Hardcover
It's A Long, Long Line

Bob Highlands has captured the essence of the transition from this world to the next. Follow his tragic hero, Winston James  Cummings, as he discovers the reality of what waits for each person just beyond the door marked death. You will be forever changed in how you view the next life.
Available in Paperback and Hardcover
2023 Easter
SNAPShot Devotional Booklet
This study guide takes you through the
journey of Jesus as he heads to Jerusalem.
Follow the book of Luke and enhance your
Easter season.
Is This Heaven For REAL?
A Pastor's answer to the question that he was asked again and again.
A Biblical exposition of the book 'Heaven is for Real.' Bob Highlands answers the question of whether the book is true or false. This small book gives the reader the basis to form their own opinion.
The Story Unfolds: A Personal Journey Through The Word of God
The STORY UNFOLDS takes the reader on a personal journey through the Word of God. Genesis to Revelations applied to your life.
Removing the Masks
A Monograph on Developing Open Communications
in Local Church Leadership
The Journey: The Six fundamental truths that are the foundation of the Christian Faith.
This book covers the six fundamental foundational Christian beliefs set forward in Hebrews 6.1-2. The six fundamental truths every believer should know are Repentance from Dead Works, Faith toward God, Biblical Washings (baptisms), Laying on of hands, Resurrection of the Dead Eternal Judgment. Written in simple and understandable language, this book will help anyone who wants to understand these basic Christian teachings better.
Using the SNAPshot bible study method covers the life of Jesus. This series can be used by an individual, a study group, or a church to study and discover the life and teachings of Jesus.
The Dreamers are the saviors of the World.
James Allen
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